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Creating Value and Developing Business, Feiliks Created Leading Service Cases of Medical Devices

A medical device group in Suzhou is a leading manufacturer and system service provider of medical devices in China. With the research and development, manufacture, sale and service of medical devices as its core business, it has set up many sales and after-sales service organizations throughout the country with nearly 100 network distributors. Its products are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, North and South America, etc. It covers more than 60 countries and regions. Due to the huge sales network, fast logistics service and supply chain coordination ability, shown by fast response, are required. Feiliks maintains a long-term stable cooperation relationship with the customer to build a flexible supply chain service system of rapid response and data collaboration.

As it was a representative customer in the medical device industry, Feiliks chose the industrial solutions for the medical device industry. According to logistics characteristics of high-value consumables, low-value consumables and medical equipment, personalized service providers were formulated.

Because high-value consumables are featured with high value, low quantity and many batches, Feiliks achieved seamless connection of Kanban management and production logistics information by building supply chain collaboration and logistics collaboration platforms, and combining with intelligent warehousing management. We also suggested zero inventory management.

For low-value consumables, due to the high homogeneity of products, high quantity and low goods value, it is common to increase agents to expand product coverage area and thus ensure product shipment. Feiliks had a road transport network covering the whole country so road transport was adopted.

For some medical equipment with large volume and high goods value, we not only helped customers to carry out zero inventory management, but also ensured the safety and timeliness of goods in the transportation link. Visual operation throughout the whole process and one-stop service realized the direct arrival of production enterprise to the terminal.

At the same time, Feiliks global service network also helped customers to develop international business. With specialized wisdom warehousing, supply chain management and integrated logistics services of air, sea and land transports, Feiliks worked with the customer to create leading service cases of medical equipment supply chain, promoted common development and created values together.